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You Vote, We Win!

It’s time to make sure Florida’s democracy is as diverse and vibrant as our communities.

Over 4 million eligible Floridians aren’t registered to vote—that comes out to be 1 out of every 4 adults. With the passage of Amendment 4, which re-enfranchises ex-felons, we have an opportunity to expand the electorate and grow the coalition fighting for progressive values.

If we work together to register and re-engage people in communities across our state, we can bring new voices into our political life. These voices will be critical in the fight for racial justice, equality, and progressive values. But this fight is about more than policies and ideas—it’s about our values. It’s about increasing civic literacy and educating people about issues in their communities. When more people vote, we can make this vision a reality.

Want to know how many people aren’t registered to vote in your neighborhood? Check out our map of unregistered voters in Florida.

Are you one of the over 4 million Floridians not registered to vote?

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