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You Vote, We Win!

Voting by mail significantly increases the number of ballots counted!

In the last election 91% of  ballots mailed to voters were turned in, and 99% of ballots returned by voters were counted! Complete your request for a ballot by mail safely and securely in less than 2 minutes online. You can also sign up your relatives: spouse, parent, child, grandchildren and spouse’s parents, grandparents and siblings using the form for relatives.

Here are a few common myths & facts about Vote-by-Mail:

MYTH: A voter can’t vote in person if they received a ballot in the mail.
FACT: A voter can decide to vote at the polls instead of using their mailed ballot. The Supervisor of Elections will first verify that the mailed ballot was not received and then issue a ballot at the polling location. Voters are not required to bring their mailed ballot with them to their polling place.

MYTH: You can’t trust the mail system to deliver your ballot.

FACT: You can make sure your ballot was delivered and received on the Supervisor of Election’s website.

MYTH: Vote-by-Mail is less secure than voting in person.

FACT: Vote-by-Mail ballots are more secure than electronic voting machines, and cannot be hacked. Ballots received by mail are processed by the Supervisor of Elections office each day. All ballots are accounted for and counts are verified.

MYTH: If I do not receive my ballot in the mail, I cannot vote.

FACT: Ballots are mailed approximately 30 days prior to the election. If you do not receive your ballot in the mail, you can request a new one, or cast your vote at your polling place.

MYTH: I need to buy a stamp to send my ballot back.

FACT: No stamp is required to return your ballot. The US Postal Service delivers the ballot to the Supervisor of Elections postage paid.

For more information, visit the Florida Department of Elections website.

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