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Action Center

Bring It Home is building a progressive future for Florida by giving everyday people the tools to have a voice in their government again.

It’s time for everyday Floridians to take back our state. Here’s how you can be a big part of making that happen:

Registering voters to expand the electorate, because when everyone votes, the people win.
Engaging voters to become active participants in their communities and our democracy. Too many Floridians are sitting on the sidelines of our democracy, because they feel politics does’t affect them. We’re changing that, one conversation at a time.
Connecting communities together by bringing together residents from all walks of life.

Get Involved Become a volunteer.

We empower grassroots Floridians to make change in your community. Whether you want to organize your friends and neighbors, setting up a texting campaign, or getting ready to knock on doors, we’re here for you.

This is your fight, and you know your community best. We’re here to support you. There’s no cookie-cutter organizing here.
Our volunteers get the best training in Florida: how to organize, how to lift up others, and how to make change happen.
We connect our volunteers to each other. You’re never alone as you fight for change.

Sign up now to fight for Florida’s future, and we’ll find opportunities that are perfect for you.

Not sure how you’d like to volunteer, but want to stay in the know?


Contribute to the movement

As a non-profit organization, we rely on contributions from grassroots supporters like you to keep this movement going. Click below to support us with a gift today.
Clicking an amount will take you to ActBlue to complete your donation. If you’ve saved your information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.